Contour Cutting How-to

In Adobe Illustrator you will need to create a file with 2 layers. The bottom layer will be labeled Art, and the top layer will be named CutContour.

The Art (bottom) layer will need to contain all artwork, images, text, etc. There should be no artwork on any other layer. Provide a 1/16” bleed on all sides of your art to guarantee precise registration of your cut paths to artwork.

The CutContour (top) layer will contain the contour lines that are meant to be the cut lines. If your artwork is vector based, you can simply select the outline of the art image from the Art layer and Copy and Paste in Front onto the CutContour layer. This will ensure that it lines up perfectly with the outline of the Art layer. If your artwork is raster based, you will need to use the Pen tool to create a closed outline of your desired cut shape. Cut lines should have a 1 pt. black stroke.

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